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Concealed Compartments - Traps Training

Hosted by the North Charleston Police Department, South Carolina

Course Duration:  8hrs            Instructional Setting:  Classroom/Field

INSTRUCTOR -Ellen Friedman began her 32 year career with the NYPD as a patrol officer and then an undercover in Brooklyn and Harlem. Upon her promotion to detective and transfer to the elite Drug Enforcement Task Force she and her partner designed, developed and sustained a project named Operation Trapdoor as an intelligence driven program targeting narcotic violators’ utilization of concealed compartments in vehicles, residences and commercial establishments to transport and/or conceal contraband. Ellen proposed legislation that would make fabricating or possessing a concealed compartment in a conveyance a crime in the New York State Penal Code. Penal Law 195.17 was signed into law by Governor Cuomo on August 3, 2011 and became effective November 1, 2011. Operation Trapdoor became the prototype for a DEA nationwide program ideated by DEA Headquarters’ Financial Operations Unit in Washington, DC. Based on the material and quality of Operation Trapdoor’s instruction the Concealed Trap Initiative (CTI) was launched by DEA in 2005 and is still thriving today. Ellen has testified as an expert in both state and Federal courts. She was designated as the trap expert and was notified by detective units in high profile homicide investigations. Some of the cases Ellen was called upon to assist in was the Sean Puffy Combs nightclub shooting and the Sean Bell shooting among others. Ellen received the DEA Administrator’s Award for Distinguished Service (highest award given by the DEA), the NYPD Organized Crime Control Award as well as many certificates and letters of commendation from various government state, local and federal agencies. Ellen was mentioned in DISTORTED MIRROR, SOUTHEAST ASIAN CRIMINALITY IN THE UNITED STATES, published in 2000 for assistance in Asian concealed compartments (front of book and pages 64-65). She was also mentioned in GOOD COP, BAD MONEY published in 2011 for passage of a concealed compartment law in New York State and is eager to pass on her experience and knowledge to interdiction officers, Narcotics agents and law enforcement officers, in an effort to stop the flow of illegal narcotics, monies, etc., into our communities.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed to give the law enforcement professional the necessary skills to recognize when a concealed compartment may be embedded in a conveyance, where the most probable locations are and how to access them.


 Topics include:    

  • Introduction to Concealed Compartments

  • Sean Puffy Combs Case

  • Trap Categories and Indictors

  • Legality of Traps

  • 2 Door vs. 4 Door Vehicles

  • Videos showing Gun Traps w/Analysis

  • Videos showing Transport Traps, Vans and SUV Traps w/Analysis

  • Student Exercises –Find the Trap. 


INSTRUCTIONAL GOALStudents will be taught to recognize where concealed compartments are commonly found in vehicles and be able to identify those indicators signifying a hidden compartment. They will also be able to evaluate the importance of asking questions of suspects to enable them to focus on specific areas of the vehicle yielding a more successful initial search. Practical aspects of how to search a vehicle more thoroughly,  when to apply for a search warrant, video- graphic and photo- graphic techniques for courtroom testimony and personal record keeping are discussed. The law enforcement officer will also learn about identifying and handling found items for print evidence.

Global Police Solutions, LLC is an approved advanced LE training provider with the SCCJA, who understands the concerns and needs of today’s law enforcement. Training hours are accepted as CLEE credit hours towards your officer’s yearly mandated training requirement


“Meeting The Needs For Professional Police Training”


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Course Details

Event date: 10-04-2018
Event End Date: 10-04-2018
Capacity 40
Cut off date 10-02-2018
Individual Price $139.00
Location North Charleston Police Department
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