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"OFFICER DOWN" - Cop Shot The Aftermath Training for Law Enforcement

Hosted by the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Training Academy, Virginia

Course Duration:  8hrs             Instructional Setting:  Classroom

Instructed by:   Captain Donna Roman (Retired), Certified LE Instructor, Published Author and Speaker. Captain Roman served in law enforcement for 26 years with the Essex County Police and Caldwell Police Departments in New Jersey. She was the first female officer hired by the Caldwell Police Department and its first female to achieve a command rank within the Department. Captain Roman possesses extensive leadership, supervisory and investigatory experience. During her tenure as Captain, she was the second in command of the Caldwell Police Department and commanded the Patrol Division/Operations, the Domestic Violence/Victim Services Unit, Dispatch Communications and the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT). She was the Accreditation Manager and In-Service Domestic Violence Trainer for the Caldwell Police Department and a Police Academy Instructor. Captain Roman was the Essex County Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator for the NJ Division of Criminal Justice. She organized and trained the civilian volunteer advocates for the West Essex [NJ] Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT). In 2006 Captain Roman was named the 1st Runner-up for the National Positive Award for heroism in the line of duty for rescuing a victim of domestic violence from her batterer. She has extensive experience and knowledge in investigating and prosecuting cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. For 15 years, she was a Police Trainer with the NJ Office of the Attorney General’s Advanced Domestic Violence Training Team, teaching the Fundamentals and Advanced Course for the Investigation and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases to thousands of law enforcement officers throughout New Jersey. Captain Roman is a certified Domestic Violence Police Specialist and a Court Certified Domestic Violence Expert. She is a Master Trainer in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and is certified to teach the 40-hour Domestic Violence Response Team Training Curriculum. She served on the NJ Governor’s Advisory Council Against Sexual Assault. Her training expertise includes domestic violence; sexual assault investigations; officer-involved domestic violence; human trafficking; abuse of the elderly, disabled and impaired; and women in law enforcement topics. Currently, Captain Roman is authoring two books: Domestic Violence Kills and Battered Blue. Captain Roman is the Managing Editor and writes a monthly column for a law enforcement publication NJ Blue Now Magazine, and was just awarded the 2016 State Troopers Coalition “Woman of the Year Award” from the National Police Defense Foundation.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will help the law enforcement officer understand how police officers have survived being shot in the line of duty; the aftermath of the critical incident; and the physical, emotional and psychological effects on the officer. An overview of a U.S Department of Justice Report will be presented about officer ambush survivability, the environmental and incident dynamics, and the aftermath of surprise attacks against law enforcement officers. Response to an officer down call, law enforcement traumatic stress, mental health wellness strategies and wounded officer peer support groups will be discussed. This training includes a police documentary series that features wounded police officers describing what it feels like to be shot in the line of duty, the aftermath of their critical incidents, and post-incident lessons learned.   A discussion with a wounded officer is included in the presentation.    

   Topics include: 

  • An Overview of Violence Against Officers; Officer

    Ambushes, Environmental and Incident Dynamics  

  • The Aftermath of a Critical Incident: The Physical,    

    Emotional and Psychological Effects

  • Cop Shot: The Aftermath Documentary Series, Part I &II

  • A Discussion with a Wounded Police Officer

  • Law Enforcement Mental Health Wellness/PTSD

  • Coping Strategies; Wounded Officer Peer Support      

    Groups and Departmental Support        

  • Lessons Learned and Officer Safety Measures


INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL: The goal of this course is to provide the law enforcement officer with the knowledge and understanding of survivability if shot in the line of duty. The law enforcement officer will gain an understanding of how police officers have survived being shot, the aftermath of the critical incident to include the physical, emotional and psychological effects on the officer, as well as their fellow officers. It is also the goal of this course to make officers aware of PTSD, and let officers know there is help out there for them. 


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Course Details

Event date: 08-15-2017
Event End Date: 08-15-2017
Capacity 40
Cut off date 08-11-2017
Individual Price $129.00
Location Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Training Academy
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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