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"Responding to the PTSD Subject"

Hosted by the Harrison County Sheriff's Office LE Academy – July 27, 2017 

Course Duration:   8hrs      Instructional Setting:  Classroom 


Instructors:   Dr. Harry (Nick) Spring, PhD.  Dr. Spring specializes in Diagnosis and 

Treatment of PTSD. James C. Lilley, Director, Global Police Solutions. Jim has spent

numerous weeks with Dr. Spring learning the History and Symtomology associated with PTSD.

Jim is well versed in the issues and complexities involving an individual who is suffering from

PTSD. Working in Iraq for Four years, Jim has experience working with, as well as dealing with,

law enforcement and soldiers who suffered from this disorder. He also understands the need for

law enforcement officers to educate themselves on PTSD, so they can help the person they

are called to assist.  


Today, more than ever before, law enforcement officers are faced with responding to calls for

service where the subject involved is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Officers

need specialized training to learn how to defuse this individual when experiencing a PTSD

episode. The typical response, especially when attempting to effect an arrest on the PTSD

subject, brings about a myriad of potential safety issues for the law enforcement officer as well

as the PTSD subject. Help your officers by affording them the opportunity to attain the proper

tools and skills needed to function in modern law enforcement. 


Dr. Nick Spring has been applying psychological expertise in clinical, organizational and academic settings for over Thirty five years. His occupational focus includes PTSD recognition and treatment, psychological evaluation, cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy, group facilitation and education. He has extensive experience dealing with PTSD patients, and has spent the last five years dealing only with patients experiencing PTSD symptoms. Dr. Spring was Director of The Non-Traditional Program at the University of Mobile, where Dr. Spring served as a professor of psychology and taught courses in Psychology, Counseling, Personality Theories and Marriage/Family Therapy, and has served as a Hospital Administrator in Psychiatric hospitals in California and Florida. Dr. Spring has also has hosted several radio shows in Louisiana, California, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, relating to mental health. 


Dr. Spring has spent the past 34 years treating patients with PTSD issues and symptoms and helping those patients learn to use techniques that helped them heal and desensitize the memory circuits that held the horrific experience that lead the patient to develop PTSD symptoms, and is eager to assist the law enforcement officer understand PTSD, so they can professionally and safely deal with individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.



This course is designed to provide the first responder with a basic understanding of Post Traumatic Dress Disorder and the disabling anxiety it causes in individuals who suffer from it. This course will provide the law enforcement officer with not only an understanding of PTSD and the conditions that stem from it, but also describes and explains how to speak with this individual and help calm them in an effort to bring them back to reality, and creating a safe environment for your officer, and the PTSD subject.


Topics Include:  

  • A Brief History of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • PTSD Symptomology

  • How PTSD Begins

  • How Trauma Acts with the Brain

  • Case Studies

  • The Law Enforcement Officer and Defusing the PTSD Subject

  • Student Exercises in “Responding to the PTSD Subject” 


INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL:  The goal of this course is to provide the law enforcement officer with the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to feel comfortable and confident when tasked with responding to calls for service where the subject is experiencing a PTSD episode.

Global Police Solutions, LLC is an Approved Industry Provider of Advanced Law Enforcement training throughout the United States and abroad, who understands the concerns and needs of today’s law enforcement.  


                                     "Professional Training for Today's Law Enforcement"


Course Details

Event date: 07-27-2017
Event End Date: 07-27-2017
Capacity 40
Cut off date 07-20-2017
Individual Price $139.00
Location Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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